Dog on Log Activities


See below for free printable activities based on the book Dog on Log or go to my Pinterest page for more ideas. Teacher notes for Dog on Log can be accessed through Scholastic online.

Peek-a-Boo Rat

Peek a boo RatPeek-a-boo Rat template

Based on the cheeky antagonist in the story, this little rat is a simple paper toy, which can be used in several ways. It can be used as a simple peek-a-boo toy, which younger children will enjoy. But it can also be used to teach prepositions to children. The rat is in the log; the rat is on the log – under, near, behind…and so on.




Balloon Animals (select from templates below)

These balloon animals are based on the gorgeous balloons in the book. Children can make and decorate the balloon animal of their choice and use it in their own story. If several balloons are made the story can be recreated; or they can simply be used as a tool for learning about animals (i.e., What animal is this? What sound does it make? Where would it live? etc).

Balloon Dog PDF


Balloon Hog PDF


Balloon Frog PDF


Balloon Rat PDF


Balloon Cat PDF


Balloon Teddy Bear PDF




Lunch Bag Puppets (Templates below)

Don’t have any balloons? No worries, use the templates below to make hand puppets from a lunch bag instead.

Lunch Bag PuppetsCrazy Dog Puppet


Grab some textas and bring your own crazy style, like the dog below.




DOL Dog Puppet

DOL Hog Puppet

DOL Frog Puppet

DOL Rat Puppet

DOL Cat Puppet

DOL Teddy Puppet

If you don’t have any lunch bags you can even make a puppet by folding a piece of paper in half and sticking down the two sides, leaving a space at the bottom for the hand to go inside (this is a good method for smaller hands).

Rat Hand Puppet


Pinterest activity ideas for Dog on Log HERE









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