Top Ten Tips for Young Writers

Here’s my top ten tips for young writers


1. Read! Lots!

I don’t know a writer who doesn’t like to read. Being lost in someone else’s world can be the best fuel for your own imagination.

2. Write what you know.

No one sees the world quite like you do and this is what makes you special. Write about the things you know, see and feel.

3. Write in a journal – every day if you can.

If you don’t have any ideas for a story at the moment, keep a journal. You never know where the seeds of a good story lie.

4. Write what you like to read. 

Don’t worry about what is popular or what other people like – write what YOU like to read. If that’s a story about a zombie worm or a potato named Frank, then write it!

5. Ask ‘What if?’ (This is an author’s favourite question)

Asking ‘What if?’ can take your stories in a whole new direction. What if my dog could talk? What if my teacher was a witch? What if my goldfish was a secret agent?

6. Don’t worry about making it perfect.

When you are in the zone – just write! Don’t worry about spelling mistakes and grammar. Just get the story on the page and fix the rest later.

7. Rewrite.

No one ever gets a story perfect the first time. Many authors write their stories several times before sending them to their editors.

8. Finish your story

It is easier to start a story than to finish one. Stay focused and finish that story!

9. Show it to someone. 

Show your work to a friend, parent or teacher. The way to become a better writer is to get feedback from other people.

10. Just do it and HAVE FUN!

Write whenever you get the chance. The more you practice, the better your stories will get. But remember, have fun while you’re writing. Be silly. Be crazy. Laugh. Writing should be fun.