Dog on Log

Dog on Log

Meet Dog, Frog, Hog, Cat and Rat. Throw in a log and a bog and it is a recipe for trouble!

Can you find where Rat is hiding?

Published by Omnibus Books (2013)
Published by Omnibus Books (2013)

Dog on Log introduces children to rhyme, prepositions and opposites in a rib tickling tale about a  group of friends planning a surprise birthday party for Cat. Things don’t go as planned when a naughty Rat tries to steal the birthday cake and a couple of mischievous youngsters find a pin.

Suitable for ages 3+

Illustration by Kat Chadwick
Illustration by Kat Chadwick

Craft activity ideas for Dog on Log

Pinterest activity ideas for Dog on Log

“…This is the kind of book with which kids will demand many a repeat read. It’s the kind of book they’ll remove from your hands after the fifth read and just explore the pages silently, taking in the striking, busy and utterly whimsical illustrations.” – Tania McCartney – (Kids Book Review)

“…a pleasure to read aloud…fantastic for children who are just beginning to experiment with language, with the meaning and sounds of the words they are using…There is so much to enjoy in this book. The slapstick humour, the characters which come to life, the fun play on words and the gorgeously entertaining illustrations.” Jenny Heslop (Buzzwords)



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